Should I Repair my Concrete Driveway or Replace it?

Concrete driveways are flat, and long stretches. By looking at them, one cannot imagine how much he has spent on installing one. However, most of the cost goes to laying a strong foundation, which is required in order to enhance the the durability, functionality and durability of the driveway.

Should I repair or replace my driveway? Well, this is a question genuinely asked by many homeowners across the world. Objectively, most of them shy away from replacing their driveways and consider repairing them instead because of various factors including:

Cost effectiveness

Repairing a concrete driveway will cost you a fraction of what you would have used if you decided to replace it. Based on common knowledge, a majority of people; if not all, tend to go for cheaper options in life. When you realize that your driveway has cracks or potholes, you will run to the nearest hardware and purchase patches to fill them, but you will rarely consider looking for a contractor to advice on whether you need to replace or repair it.

Time saving

Completely replacing a concrete driveway rarely takes less than 30 days, unless your contractor is working for unusually long hours, or the contractor does not wait for the concrete to completely heal before pouring. Repairing a driveway can take less than a day or two. Homeowners therefore go for the latter, because it saves a significant amount of time, and one will have a driveway back in shape within the shortest time possible.


Can you imagine your home without the beautiful driveway while you wait for a replacement? This can be inconveniencing. You will need to use an alternative route to get to your garage or parking area, or you will need to park your car elsewhere. To eliminate these inconveniences that come with replacing a driveway, most people across the globe take the shortest route, which is repairing the driveway instead of replacing it.

Personal preference

Even with all the reasons mentioned above, the most superior of them all is personal preference. What you want for your driveway is all that matters. Most homeowners, therefore, decide to repair their driveways because that is what they want to do. They own them, and therefore they are the sole decision makers as far as their maintenance is concerned.

The truth…

As to whether you should repair or replace your concrete driveway, the ball is squarely in your cot. However, it is important to note that not all concrete problem need a replacement, and not all problems need a repair. Some of them are so intense such that only a replacement can permanently solve the problem.

Truthfully, a well laid and sealed concrete driveway can last for up to 50 years. This is however based on various factors including;

  • The level of skill used to lay the driveway
  • The quality of concrete used
  • The quality of sealant used
  • The level of habitual maintenance

If a driveway has served you for such a long time, why shouldn’t you replace it once it gets damaged? Why should you repair it, keeping in mind that some issues such as intense cracks are deeply fetched, and filling them will just temporarily solve the problem, and can be the beginning of major problems?

When should you then repair your concrete driveway?

Minor damages such as small cracks and divots that show up on the surface only call for simple patching and it is something you can do by yourself.

Cracks that are less than a ¼ “ wide do not indicate deep damage on your driveway, and can easily repaired using a broad range of liquid crack fillers that are readily available in the market.

When do I need to replace my concrete driveway?

Essentially, if you find out that there are cracks that are more than ¼ “wide on your driveway, it should be a cause of alarm. You should know that this is an indication that problems are emanating from the foundation, and filling them will just solve the problem for some time. This is therefore a perfect moment for you to replace your entire driveway.

  • You should also replace your concrete driveway when;
  • You notice large potholes
  • Uncontrollable drainage issues occur
  • You notice an unusual rough appearance on the surface
  • The driveway is too old and you need something new and trendy