Give an Old Pool Deck New Life With A Thin Concrete Overlay

There was a time when concrete overlays were all about repairing broken and spalled concrete. Of course, as a designer, architect, or installer, you know that they are still a highly effective way of repairing these sorts of things. But with summer just around the corner, we would be remiss not to mention how effective concrete overlays can be at giving an old swimming pool deck new life. Whether you are a homeowner, a hotel owner, or perhaps even a gym or other commercial pool owner, if you are looking to give a drab swimming area a vibrant new look, a stained or stamped concrete overlay is certainly the way to go.

Stained Concrete Can Give A Variety of Appearances

Stained and colored concrete can be ideal for pool decks. With these products, you can easily create a color scheme to match the hotel or commercial brand or to help match the aesthetic of a home or patio. In fact, many homeowners prefer to do it all at once, matching the deck, walkway, and patio using the same colored concrete overlay. For commercial businesses, it is even possible using decorative concrete techniques to install a logo or other unique pattern into the coloring of the concrete.

Stamped Concrete Provides Texture

While staining and coloring are highly popular, many home and business owners still prefer the look and feel of stamped concrete. Designed to create a variety of looks, stamped concrete endures in popularity even as new technologies become available. With stamped concrete, it is possible to create a number of textured looks, including cobblestone, slate, tile, brick, and more without your clients needing to pay for these expensive building materials and without you having to lay stones one by one.

At the end of the day, there are many benefits to a concrete overlay. The aesthetic appeal is certainly one that is hard to deny, and many home and business owners will choose to install an overlay solely for aesthetic purposes. In some cases, however, it is also a necessity. A strong overlay is a great way to repair a damaged or spalled pool deck, ensuring that it is not a trip hazard and helping to keep damage from getting worse. Whatever the case may be, providing the right overlay types of providing a wide selection of colors is certain to keep your clients happy.