A concrete patio is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of your outdoor space. Not only does it provide a place where you can relax and have fun with your friends and family members, but it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your garden and the entire compound.

Due to its unbeatable versatility, concrete is the best material that you can use to construct a patio. With it, you can mimic all the cutting edge building materials that cost a fortune such as flagstone, sandstone, marble, natural stone, bricks, and many more. In fact, concrete contractors say that with this material, you can build whatever you can imagine. A concrete patio will always have a personal touch in it; thus it is difficult – or nearly impossible to have your patio look like that of your neighbour.

A well-laid concrete patio can stay for decades before one can repair or replace it. However, this does not mean that you they are not prone to some minor or major problems that need to be dealt with as soon as possible before they can escalate into a crisis, which can be costly to counter. Below are some of these problems;

  • Cracking
  • Scaling
  • Spalling
  • Crazing and,
  • Discoloration

Whenever you spot any of these problems, it is prudent to repair them instantly. You can do this all by yourself, if you are a DIY diehard, or you can chuck out a few bucks and employ the services of a professional concrete contractor. Why should you do this? The following are the major benefits of repairing concrete patios.

Maintenance of curb appeal

You always want your home, and every element in it to look beautiful at all times. A worn out patio is unsightly, and can convert your once beautiful garden into one of the ugliest scenery in the world. You should not let your concrete patio get to this level. Repairing it is the wisest decision you can make.

Most homeowners notice small cracks on the walls, but ignore them since they believe they are just slight problems that cannot escalate into something bigger, and they cannot be easily spotted. They are, however, taken by surprise once they realize that the cracks get bigger by day, and if they are left unattended, the curb appeal of their patio can fade, and in some cases, the whole structure can come crumbling down giving your home a negative and unappealing view.

Enhanced durability

Since you want your concrete patio to serve you for a lifetime, always repair even the smallest problems you spot. By resurfacing and resealing, you will be enhancing the longevity of your structure, and your future generations will surely enjoy the benefits you get today, and they might use this patio to remember your legacy.

Assured functionality

A good concrete patio is functional. At any given time, a good patio will always serve its intended purpose efficiently. You do not want a scenario where you will have one in your compound, but you have condemned it since it is in a deteriorating state. You will find that some homes’ patios are no go zones, since it became apparent that they were damaged beyond repair, and all that could be done was an overhaul replacement which became expensive for owners of these homes. Yours will not come to this if you repair your patio immediately you notice a problem. By doing this, you will forever enjoy the full functionality of your hard-earned structure. Be wise!

Saving on maintenance costs

Maintaining a concrete patio is easy and extremely cheap, but it can force you to dig deeper into your pockets if repairs are not done in time. If you notice a crack and ignore it, it will definitely become bigger, and more materials will be needed to repair it.  Small problems that need immediate attention might also escalate into bigger issues that will require a professional to solve; hence you will need to pay a price. It is therefore of great importance to always ensure that you check your concrete patio on regular basis for common concrete problems that need repair, and work on them promptly.

To avoid regular repairs, ensure that your concrete patio is well laid during installation, proper reinforcement is done, concrete is given enough time to cure, and most importantly, quality sealants are used.

Ever thought of installing a stamped concrete structure in your premises. Whether you need a patio, driveway, walkway, countertop, fire place surround, pool deck, or any other element in your modern vicinity, stamped concrete is the best material you can use because it presents the following benefits;

  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Curb appeal
  • Versatility
  • Low-maintenance and,
  • Affordability

Most homeowners across the world never believed that concrete would build adorable homes, since concrete had the ‘disgusting’ plain look, whose grey color never attracted the eye. However, as they say, change is inevitable, and it is a difficult thing to resist. When contractors started stamping concrete, homeowners abandoned other high-end building materials and turned to this type of concrete that not only offers utmost beauty, but also enables you to replicate any material you can imagine, including marble, sandstone, vinyl, and wood.

A stamped concrete structure can go a long mile in increasing the resale value of your property. A stamped concrete driveway, or patio can increase the value of your home by a whopping 70%. You can, therefore, not afford to underestimate the power of this wonderful construction material.

The question that lie in the minds o0f many homeowners who have not used this material in the past is; what is the cost of stamped concrete. Realistically, this question cannot be answered in the affirmative. Despite the fact that concrete is charged per square foot, we cannot actually mention the prices of installing a structure made with this material without looking at the factors that influence them.

The size of the structure

To determine the amount of money stamped concrete will cost, your contractor will have to figure out the following:

  1. What are you building?
  2. How big is your project?
  3. What is the quantity of the material needed?
  4. How much concrete will need stamping?

Once he gets the answers to these questions, he will be able to calculate the cost and give you a quote.

Complexity of design

We are all different, and we all want different things in life. Some people want simple things, while others go for the most complicated things in life. When it comes to stamped concrete, the same law applies. You might need a basic design, while another person might need a high-end, and super-customized stamped concrete design. Objectively, the two designs will not cost the same – the sophisticated design will definitely cost more than the simple design. Contractors will therefore charge you depending on what you choose.

Prices of materials and labor in your local market

Labor and materials trade differently in different localities. Depending on where you are based, the contractor will take a look at the materials needed, determine their prices in your local market and calculate the price. He will then check how much compensation a worker doing this kind of work is compensated per hour in your locality, and calculate the total price, depending on the number of people working on your project. Once he is through, he will be able to determine the overall cost of your project and will give you a quote. Remember, a good contractor will always ask you to pay after delivering the services.

What is the actual cost of stamped concrete?

A good contractor will charge you the following, based on which ‘tariff’ you subscribe to;

Basic cost

Here, you will pay $7-$12 per square foot. This package includes;

  • Single color
  • A basic stamp pattern

Mid-range cost

Expect to pay $13-$18 per square foot in this package. It includes;

  • Multiple colors
  • Multiple contrasting patterns
  • Several borders

Up-scale cost

For a high-end package, expect to pay over $20 per square foot. This package includes;

  • Speciality scored designs
  • Hand-coloring
  • Mimicking high-end materials
  • Multiple colors
  • Multiple stamp patterns

Concrete driveways are flat, and long stretches. By looking at them, one cannot imagine how much he has spent on installing one. However, most of the cost goes to laying a strong foundation, which is required in order to enhance e the durability, functionality and durability of the driveway.

Should I repair or replace my driveway? Well, this is a question genuinely asked by many homeowners across the world. Objectively, most of them shy away from replacing their driveways and consider repairing them instead because of various factors including:

Cost effectiveness

Repairing a concrete driveway will cost you a fraction of what you would have used if you decided to replace it. Based on common knowledge, a majority of people; if not all, tend to go for cheaper options in life. When you realize that your driveway has cracks or potholes, you will run to the nearest hardware and purchase patches to fill them, but you will rarely consider looking for a contractor to advice on whether you need to replace or repair it.

Time saving

Completely replacing a concrete driveway rarely takes less than 30 days, unless your contractor is working for unusually long hours, or the contractor does not wait for the concrete to completely heal before pouring. Repairing a driveway can take less than a day or two. Homeowners therefore go for the latter, because it saves a significant amount of time, and one will have a driveway back in shape within the shortest time possible.


Can you imagine your home without the beautiful driveway while you wait for a replacement? This can be inconveniencing. You will need to use an alternative route to get to your garage or parking area, or you will need to park your car elsewhere. To eliminate these inconveniences that come with replacing a driveway, most people across the globe take the shortest route, which is repairing the driveway instead of replacing it.

Personal preference

Even with all the reasons mentioned above, the most superior of them all is personal preference. What you want for your driveway is all that matters. Most homeowners, therefore, decide to repair their driveways because that is what they want to do. They own them, and therefore they are the sole decision makers as far as their maintenance is concerned.

The truth…

As to whether you should repair or replace your concrete driveway, the ball is squarely in your cot. However, it is important to note that not all concrete problem need a replacement, and not all problems need a repair. Some of them are so intense such that only a replacement can permanently solve the problem.

Truthfully, a well laid and sealed concrete driveway can last for up to 50 years. This is however based on various factors including;

  • The level of skill used to lay the driveway
  • The quality of concrete used
  • The quality of sealant used
  • The level of habitual maintenance

If a driveway has served you for such a long time, why shouldn’t you replace it once it gets damaged? Why should you repair it, keeping in mind that some issues such as intense cracks are deeply fetched, and filling them will just temporarily solve the problem, and can be the beginning of major problems?

When should you then repair your concrete driveway?

Minor damages such as small cracks and divots that show up on the surface only call for simple patching and it is something you can do by yourself.

Cracks that are less than a ¼ “ wide do not indicate deep damage on your driveway, and can easily repaired using a broad range of liquid crack fillers that are readily available in the market.

When do I need to replace my concrete driveway?

Essentially, if you find out that there are cracks that are more than ¼ “wide on your driveway, it should be a cause of alarm. You should know that this is an indication that problems are emanating from the foundation, and filling them will just solve the problem for some time. This is therefore a perfect moment for you to replace your entire driveway.

  • You should also replace your concrete driveway when;
  • You notice large potholes
  • Uncontrollable drainage issues occur
  • You notice an unusual rough appearance on the surface
  • The driveway is too old and you need something new and trendy


At some point in your life, you need to change the overall appearance of your outdoor space. You check around looking for an element to add in order to complement your beautiful landscape, and you decide to install a high-end concrete driveway.

This is a wise decision. A good concrete driveway will not only enhance the beauty of your premises, but it will also make your home presentable and highly adorable. It will increase the value of your property, and will offer utmost convenience. However, there is one problem that might stand on your way; selecting a concrete driveway contractor.

With many of them in the market, choosing the best is a vicious cycle. You visit one, and promises heaven, you go to the other, and he promises the unimaginable.

The secret towards selecting one who will give your value for your money is by doing your homework well. The following are some tips that will help you in your search.

Before you go to the market…

Know what you want

Well, before you even set out to the market, understand what you really want:

  • Do you want a plain concrete driveway?
  • Do you want a stamped concrete driveway?
  • Do you want a concrete driveway with a rock salt finish?
  • Do you need a driveway with an exposed aggregate finish?
  • Do you need a paver driveway?

By knowing what you really need, you will have an idea of what you will be looking for in the market. You will know the contractors to consider and those that you will have to ignore.

Get referrals

For a fact, there are many people who have installed concrete driveways before you. Some of them are your friends while some are your close family members. Do not be secretive or mean. If you want to succeed in life, consider wise counsel from others. You can call them via the phone, email, or text them. However, do not forget that face-to-face communication is unbeatable evening the 21st century where communication technology is at its best. Visit them if you can and get all the details you thing will be of help to you. You can ask them:

  • How does the contractor treat his customers?
  • How fast did he complete your driveway?
  • Can you provide the detailed plan he offered?
  • Were you satisfied with the service?

These are just some of the questions you can ask your referrals. If you are on a face-to-face conversation, make sure you take note of their facial expressions when they give their responses.

Browse for reviews

The internet is undoubtedly the best invention by mankind. With it, you can get any information you need. Make sure you browse for customer and expert reviews. If possible, go through all the comments from clients from your locality. Compare multiple clients, and select one with the most positive reviews and at least a rating of 4.5/5.

 When you go to the market…

Go for experience

Daring to go for a new concrete driveway contractor is daring a shoddy service. Experience is what teaches professionals to be better. Experience is what makes a contractor stand ahead of the competition. Go for one with at least 5 years of hand-on experience in the field. Go for one who has constructed driveways for a long time, and can give you an assurance of super-skills and quality workmanship.

Do for the ‘Jack of all trades’

Never go for a contractor who can just construct one type of concrete driveway. Go for one who can build all, and still bring out the best outcomes. If you find out that a contractor can only lay a plain concrete driveway, go to the nest until you find one who can give you the flexibility you need.

Affordability is key

You need a driveway that will suit your budget. Go for a concrete driveway contractor who will work within your budget to produce what you need. Never go for a cheap contractor, most of them are either cons or quacks. Do not consider expensive contractors, you might not get value for your money. The rule of the thumb still stands, go for the best that you can afford.

Remember Licensing and insurance is a must

A contractor who will not provide proof of licensing and insurance is a scam. Do not even try discussing your project further with them. Go for one who will provide you copies of all insurances and licenses as required by the laws and by-laws in your locality.

Go for a local contractor

A ‘far-flung’ contractor is not the best for your driveway. Go for one who has a shop in your local area. At times, you may need them to come and check your driveway, and only a local one will prove you with utmost convenience.

The above tips are the only secrets towards selecting the best concrete driveway contractor in the clogged modern market. Read, retain, and search! Good luck.

There was a time when concrete overlays were all about repairing broken and spalled concrete. Of course, as a designer, architect, or installer, you know that they are still a highly effective way of repairing these sorts of things. But with summer just around the corner, we would be remiss not to mention how effective concrete overlays can be at giving an old swimming pool deck new life. Whether you are a homeowner, a hotel owner, or perhaps even a gym or other commercial pool owner, if you are looking to give a drab swimming area a vibrant new look, a stained or stamped concrete overlay is certainly the way to go.

Stained Concrete Can Give A Variety of Appearances

Stained and colored concrete can be ideal for pool decks. With these products, you can easily create a color scheme to match the hotel or commercial brand or to help match the aesthetic of a home or patio. In fact, many homeowners prefer to do it all at once, matching the deck, walkway, and patio using the same colored concrete overlay. For commercial businesses, it is even possible using decorative concrete techniques to install a logo or other unique pattern into the coloring of the concrete.

Stamped Concrete Provides Texture

While staining and coloring are highly popular, many home and business owners still prefer the look and feel of stamped concrete. Designed to create a variety of looks, stamped concrete endures in popularity even as new technologies become available. With stamped concrete, it is possible to create a number of textured looks, including cobblestone, slate, tile, brick, and more without your clients needing to pay for these expensive building materials and without you having to lay stones one by one.

At the end of the day, there are many benefits to a concrete overlay. The aesthetic appeal is certainly one that is hard to deny, and many home and business owners will choose to install an overlay solely for aesthetic purposes. In some cases, however, it is also a necessity. A strong overlay is a great way to repair a damaged or spalled pool deck, ensuring that it is not a trip hazard and helping to keep damage from getting worse. Whatever the case may be, providing the right overlay types of providing a wide selection of colors is certain to keep your clients happy.